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A next generation social network for the discussion, research & connection to healers in the holistic community. Follow the journey of those being healed, discuss without censorship, and discover new topics in the holistic space. Sign up today to start your journey of becoming a healthier, better you with Just Holistics.

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Discuss Holistic Topics

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Features Designed To Provide A Valuable & Engaging Community Experience

Enjoy integrated features like brand new status updates, profile pictures, custom background, upcoming events, photos, videos or audio uploads, interactive polls and much more.

  • Curated Stream Filters

    Easily search through the activity streams with the stream filters based on different conditions and post types.

  • Story Form

    Story form allows the user to pick their favorite post types for quicker access.

  • Groups

    Groups are meant for people with common interests, to share, interact and keep in touch with one another more closely.

  • User Profiles

    An introduction of a person, whether a potential new friend or anyone that you might be interested in.

  • Verified Badges

    Verified users/businesses will have the verified badges beside their names, making it easier for others to identify them throughout the site.

  • Name Based Avatars

    Goodbye to plain and dull looking default avatars. You can now have beautifully designed initials used as profile pictures on the site.

  • Interactive Polls

    Create and post questions that allows your friends and followers to cast their votes.

  • Pages

    A place for people to get connected with your business. Suitable for any registered business within the community to interact with their current or potential customers.

  • Announcements

    Get everyone on the same page. Disseminate important information regarding the event and minimize avoidable outcomes.

  • Conversations

    Engage in private conversations with newly acquainted friends or involve in group chats. Get notified immediately when new messages arrive in your inbox.

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Featured Events

Wellness Alliance Conference

General Public

11th APR, 2022 - 15th APR, 2022

1 1081 BURRARD ST..

Lupus Support Meet Up

General Public

11th APR, 2022 - 15th APR, 2022

5 578 Woodlands Court St..


Know the latest happenings and upcoming events within the community. Organize social gatherings whether open, private or invitation only for all occasions. Events are an excellent way to address the community, gain momentum and boost engagement and attendance at in-person and virtual events- whether you are hosting a one-off event, an online event (live or recorded), or ongoing and regular meet-ups, conferences and seminars.

Video Providers

Embed videos from YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, DailyMotion, MTV, Smule, LiveLeak, Metacafe and much more.


Guided Meditation for Blissful Sleep

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Relaxing Zen Music Therapy

Holistics 245 0 0

Instrumental Percussion for Deep Meditation

Holistics 245 0 0


Share some of your favorite tracks or remixes. Play and discover new tracks, and build the perfect playlist within your community.

Audio Providers

Embed audio from Spotify and SoundCloud -
Limitless choices and endless music!

Body Regeneration Soundtrack

Guided Meditation

Zen Music Playlist

Create Playlists

Create multiple playlists and share it within your
community for all occasions.

Mobile Ready

Mobile Ready

Fully responsive and mobile ready design allows for a less obstructive view of the site, enabling an ease of accessibility for users to interact and engage with your brand across devices, especially for users who are constantly on-the-go.

Multilingual Support

Effective communication is crucial when establishing a successful social presence.


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